Ready to Re-open? Tips to keep your staff and your guests safe from Covid-19

May 21, 2020 Candace Quinn

As all 50 US states and destinations around the world begin to relax business access to guests and customers, hosts and hostesses around the world are considering what steps to take to keep their staff, their families and their guests safe from the spread of any communicable diseases.  Here are a few ways you can improve practices, communicate your actions, and keep everyone safer. 

By now, you have all reviewed your cleaning practices and sanitation practices and have put stricter guidelines in place for your cleaning crews.  Be sure to create a way to communicate that to guests, both prior to arrival and upon arrival.  Consider designing a custom card to have your cleaners leave behind in the room so that guests can appreciate their efforts, and feel secure that the room is ready for them to enjoy safely. 

It is time to reconsider those bedspreads and decorative pillows and throws--think less is more.  While everyone loves the look they create, your guests and your cleaning crew will gratefully appreciate the cleanliness of freshly washed white linens, freshly changed and washed blankets/comforters and a clean third/top sheet. 

Now is the time to invest in single use guest slippers.  Today more than ever, guests want to remove their shoes and leave outside outside.  Give guests a shoe tray at the door and fresh pair of slippers to enjoy during their stay.  

Consider replacing wall mounted pump dispensers that are shared by guests with individual sized toiletries.  While we all applaud efforts to be eco friendly with refillable toiletry dispensers, feeling confident that they are truly sanitary between guests is a constant challenge in this current environment.  Individual toiletries allow guests to confidently enjoy your bath spaces when they elect not to bring their own from home, and your cleaning crew can focus on surface cleaning. 

Finally, when your circumstances allow, consider a 24 hour between guests allowing your cleaning crew at least 12 hours after a guest checks out to clean, and allowing your next guest to feel confident that no virus is left behind.  This may not always be possible with busy rentals, and we encourage each rental manager to consider the likelihood that the previous guest may have been ill.  

Visit our special Covid-19 recommended product section for access to hotel grade products that will stand up to hot water temps, bleach and other sanitizing steps.  Feel free to call for more suggestions or to have custom cards created for your rental units.  Safe and Happy Hosting

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