Collection: Pool Towels

Do you have a home pool or access to a community pool? Is your vacation rental near the beach or on a lake? If so, know that your guests are sure to take advantage to enjoy these wonderful outdoor amenities while staying with you! Save your bath linens from being taken outside by providing your guests access to pool towels designed to withstand the elements outdoors.  Here find a selection of hotel grade and luxury resort grade pool towels whose sturdy construction holds up to harsh pool chemicals, sand and well...just being dragged on the ground!

Hospitality grade pool towels, by StandardTextile - the leader in weaving quality hotel/resort linens, offers sturdy construction and easy maintenance...these towels will look and feel like new with each new guest arrival.  

Pool and beach towels are available in quantities from 2 to more to property managers, owners and hosts of Airbnb, VRBO, Turnkey Vacation Rentals and Bed and Breakfasts. These are are core stock items for, so are alway available to update your supply and keep your linen supply consistent.