What the Business Traveler REALLY wants—are you Business Traveler Ready?

We had an exceptionally informative time at a recent Airbnb conference last fall. We attended the Business Traveler Round table. We learned that the business traveler prefers their own space (whole home, or partial secluded area of a home three to one!), a private bath, and their average stay is 4.5 days. They are typically willing to pay more (since their client/company pays). They want to park their rental cars, store their luggage pre and post check-in/out, and they appreciate that you have thought of everything. Airbnb Business Managers suggest that at a minimum, the following amenities are required.

  1. High-speed wireless, secure Internet access
  2. A computer or iPad with a handy wireless printer for small printing needs, like printing a boarding pass or MapQuest directions
  3. 24-hour check-in access on day of arrival with a way to do a secure bag drop prior to check-in for early arrivals
  4. Working smoke detectors and CO2 monitors…handy fire extinguishers are an added plus
  5. Fresh linens at least every 3rd day
  6. An iron and ironing surface
  7. Hair dryer
  8. New or unused shampoo, soap, etc.
  9. A lint brush and can of anti-wrinkle, anti-cling spray.

Highly rated units feature a 24-hour number to call in an emergency, as well as a list of local resources and directions if they have an unexpected situation—like “closest retailer” if their luggage failed to arrive or they forgot a shirt—nearest dry cleaner; nearest shoe repair; nearest convenience store or market.

To truly cater to a business traveler, keep an amenity basket with a price list to include a razor, shaving cream, tooth brush, tooth paste, denture cleaner, comb, hairbrush, mouth wash, deodorant, hair spray, shoeshine/polisher kit, etc.  Better yet, charge $5 more a night and provide these in your welcome basket.

Finally, two more “wow” features to consider. Make a connection to a nearby gym to have a stash (one for each day of your guest’s stay) of one day “passes”—it’s ok if the guest has to pay something at the gym for the one day access—for the workout enthusiast, it’s just what they’ll appreciate. The second is to line up access to a “plan ahead” meal delivery service that let’s your guest put in an order before noon, and then when they arrive home, the meal is ready to reheat and dine in.

Happy “road warrior” hosting!

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