Collection: Power & Charging Products

Today's global travelers come packed with a variety of electronics - from smartphones, tablets, book readers, gameboys, computers to cameras. With this comes the need to find power outlets, preferably in convenient locations, to recharge.

This collection features convenient and practical items for you to anticipate the power needs of your guests without them moving furniture to find available outlets in your home.

Products include conveniently sized bedside alarm clocks, table top units and flush mounted units that all feature additional power outlets and USB ports to allow your guests to conveniently plug-in and recharge their devices with ease. Some models even include Qi charging for cable free smart phone charging.


All perfect supplies for Airbnb, FlipKey, VRBO, Turnkey, Vacasa and iTrip Vacation Rentals, hotels, motels, inns and Bed & Breakfast owners and hosts. Direct to consumer, small quantities.