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Wireless Qi Charging Alarm Clock with Fast Charge USB Ports

Wireless Qi Charging Alarm Clock with Fast Charge USB Ports

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Upgrade Your Alarm Clock with Qi Wireless Charging!

This unique hospitality grade unit offers unparalleled design, incorporating Qi wireless charging along with 2 fast-charge usb power ports - perfect for the guest room nightstand or living room end table. Your guests will enjoy the convenience of its easy to set alarm, display dimmer, minimal footprint and the two guest facing  USB outlets - no need to move furniture on the hunt for available power outlets to charge handheld devices anymore. This unit also features a pass-through plug, so you never loose the use of a single existing plug for a lamp or other item.

Product Information
Simple Single Day Alarm Clock
  • Superior Hospitality Grade Product Construction
  • Security C-Clamp Included to Secure Unit to Furniture or Wall
  • Qi Wireless Charging - Compliant with Samsung 10W (fast charge) and Apple 7.5W
  • Simple Single Day Alarm Clock
  • 1 USB-A Charging Port - Optimized for Tablet Charging
  • 1  USB-C Charging Port
  • Surge Protection
  • Right Angle Pass-Through Plug
  • Auto-Update for Daylight Saving Time
  • Display Dimmer - 3 Levels and Off
  • Battery Backup
  • ETL Listed (Meets Strict UL Standards)
  • Passed UL Spill Test
  • Measures 5.85” x 5.85” x 2.0”
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