Guest ratings...from Now to “WOW”!

As a frequent traveler myself, I was reflecting on what it would take for me to say “WOW” without spending outrageous sums of money each night. I posed this question to several AirBNB hosts at last fall’s Open and here were what some of them are doing to elicit “WOW!”

One host found a very nice “pants press” at a local used/resale store. He shared that guest after guest (he’s a business traveler ready host) left thank you notes.

Another host whose unit is a bit removed from restaurants and bars established a well stocked honor bar with single shot bottles and wine splits. He’s had no abuse so far and has added a guest book for guests to share their favorite “concoction”.

Similarly, two San Francisco hosts set up a fully stocked “coffee bar” complete with an espresso machine, flavored syrups, and all the trimmings. They simply added $10/night to their rate and found it more than covered the direct costs. Their ratings jumped from 4.5 to 4.95!

Happy “WOW” hosting!

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