Hotel Toiletry Vacation Rental Supplies for Hawaii, Alaska and US Territories

As the leading US supplier of themed toiletries and hotel amenities to the vacation rental marketplace, Guest Outfitters is committed to providing all owners, hosts, property management companies and bed & breakfasts with the most cost effective supplies needed for your operation and guest satisfaction.

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Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands Shipping

Let's face it, if you run a vacation rental property or BNB in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or in the US Virgin Islands - shipping any supplies from the Continental US can come at a real expense!

GREAT NEWS…Solution Found - All-Inclusive Toiletry Bundles with Shipping Included

All shipping rates from US carriers are calculated on box size and weight - the heavier and bigger the box...the more it costs. To find a solution, Guest Outfitters, created our all-inclusive toiletry bundle program to take advantage of savings found on shipping with packing our boxes bound for Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands to be within certain size and weight parameters. Now, all US offshore customers win with the ability to choose from 10 different quantity and product pairing bundle sets from our 9 beautifully themed toiletry lines to meet your guest supply needs, location, property theme and budget. Our artfully curated toiletry bundles range in item quantities from 20 to 125 total pieces.  And, the best part - the price is all-inclusive with free shipping.  Additional savings are automatically given at check-out with purchasing multiple bundle sets - a good time to stock up if you’re able!

Click on any of the images below of our 9 distinctive bath toiletry lines - then, choose from each bath amenities 10 different quantity and product pairing offerings that meet your needs.    

Aqua Organics Beach Inspired Toiletry Collection  Beekman 1802 Fresh Air Toiletry Collection  Desert Breeze Bath Toiletry Collection  Eco Botanics Resort Inspired Bath Collection  H2O Therapy Water Destination Inspired Toiletry Collection  Infuse Tropical Resort Inspired Toiletry Collection  Mountain Breeze Hotel Toiletry Collection  Terra Botanics Hotel Toiletry Collection  Terra Pure Green Tea Hotel Toiletry Collection

Individual off-shore vacation rental properties have really appreciated that we repackage our bath toiletry, bed and bath linen, and guest essential collections into smaller quantities to make it simple and easy to purchase from Guest Outfitters, Ltd. with the products they need and in the quantities that make sense for storage space, guest occupancy demand and most importantly their budget.

We offer sample gift bags of each of these beautiful amenities if you would like to see, feel and sample them before purchasing our toiletry bundle sets, please click the sample bag photo below to select one or more of our product lines that interest you most and we will ship those immediately to experience.

Hotel Toiletry Sample Bags

If there are other hotel amenities or toiletries you are interested in purchasing from for your vacation rental or bed & breakfast, please reach out to us so our hospitality customer service team can work on getting you the best shipping rates possible by emailing us at or by calling our offices at 1 (779) 770-2020 for assistance.

Guest Outfitters was launched in 2016, to be the first, fully focused, company to meet the hospitality supply needs of Airbnb, Flipkey, VRBO, iTrip, Vacation Rentals, Villas, Cabins and Property Management Companies as well as many boutique Bed and Breakfasts and Inns around the world. To view our large array of product offerings - CLICK HERE, or on our menu search bar above in the lefthand corner.