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Terra Pure Green Tea Conditioner, 10.14oz. Pump Bottle

Terra Pure Green Tea Conditioner, 10.14oz. Pump Bottle

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For a Luxurious, Organic & Natural Guest Experience...
Inspired Bath Products Enhance Vacation Memories!

Terra Pure Green Tea "Retail" collection, in 10.14 oz. pump bottles, is made from all natural and organic ingredients to provide natural healing and soothing to hair and skin.

The salon-quality formulation of this replenishing hair conditioner gently soothes the skin and revitalizes the hair. Guests will not only enjoy its light refreshing scent, but will also love its thick creamy texture and the renewed shine it brings to their hair!

As an enhancement to our 1.2oz. and gallon sizes of this guest amenity product - we offer beautiful 10.14oz. refillable pump bottles of Terra Pure Green Tea for retail sale. This way, your guests can take some home to extend their vacation memories.

Complete the look - add our high-end EcoLux chrome bracket to your bath to beautifully display these Terra Pure Green Tea dispenser pump bottles. Constructed of sturdy stainless steel to last for years, these sleek 3 bottle units are designed with understated profiles to hold and lock these bottles securely in place until refilling is needed.
EcoLux Chrome Wall Mounted Bracket for Terra Pure Green Tea Bath Toiletries


The organic and natural Terra Pure Green Tea collection adds spa luxury supplies to guest baths at Airbnb; HomeAway; VRBO; Turnkey Vacation Rentals and Bed & Breakfasts.

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