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Lynova® Blankets for Unmistakable Luxury

Lynova® Blankets for Unmistakable Luxury

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These exclusive "air-pillow" design blankets, by Standard Textile, delight the eye and invites touch. Guests will enjoy their soft texture as they drift off to sleep, nestled in the warm and breathable comfort of premium cotton.

Its Tufted-terry construction is achieved by weaving 100% long-staple cotton into a fabric of remarkable strength that is both lightweight and warm. The Lynova® blanket holds its sumptuous qualities, wash after wash. Securely hemmed along all edges and vat-dyed for superior color retention.

Available in white or champagne for:

Full size measures 80" x 90"
Queen size measures 90" x 90"
King size measures 90" x 108"

    Room Ready For You® laundered with Tide® - This product is delivered clean, fresh, and ready to use right out of the box, bypassing the time, labor, and costs of up-front processing. Ideal for Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, Turnkey and luxury vacation rentals.

    Hospitality grade product for quality and strong performance at Airbnb; VRBO; HomeAway & Turnkey Vacation Rentals and Bed & Breakfast Inns.

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