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Terra Pure Green Tea Spa Shower Cap

Terra Pure Green Tea Spa Shower Cap

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For a Organic & Natural Guest Experience...
Luxurious Spa Inspired Bath Amenities Guests will Love!

All items in the Terra Pure Green Tea Collection are packaged using recycled paper and 100% soy based ink, making this line  truly one of the most earth conscious amenity programs available today.

Your guests will appreciate this handy item from Terra Pure Green Tea when needing to take quick showers without getting their hair wet in between business outings or vacation stops. It's also perfect for bridal parties and formal occasions, so guests can keep their custom hair styles dry while they bathe.

This convenient hotel size amenity and elegant carton allows for the item to be placed in a bathroom or shower prior to your guests' arrival, or it can be effortlessly added to any gift or welcome basket.

Available in quantities of 500 individual cartons.

The organic and natural Terra Pure Green Tea collection adds spa luxury to guest baths at Airbnb; HomeAway; VRBO; Turnkey Vacation Rentals and Bed & Breakfasts.

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